Why Change Your Mattress Every 8 Years?

change your mattress every 8 years by intellibed

Do you wake up itching and sneezing? Does your body have aches and pains in the morning? Is your mattress getting lumpy? If you answered yes to any of these, it might be time to change your mattress. Changing your mattress every 8 years is recommended, particularly if you are older than 40. Your body needs regular, healthy sleep and an older mattress can prevent you from getting it as you age.

Luckily, there are some clear signals that it’s time to replace your mattress soon:

Mattress Sagging

A mattress that is clearly out of its original shape is a good sign that you need a replacement. Over time, all mattresses start to lose their structure. Springs break down and begin to buckle while memory foam gets softer and fiber compression begins. Don’t ignore even slight sagging of your mattress; just 1-2 inches can indicate that important parts of your body are getting less support than they should.

There are Impressions

This problem specifically targets memory foam mattresses. A good memory foam mattress should have an imprint of your sleeping position, but it shouldn’t remain that way after you get up. Once you leave the bed the memory foam should bounce back to a flat surface. Memory foam can lose its resiliency and support over time.

Allergy Accumulation

Most mattresses eventually take on allergens like mildew, mold and dust mites. Your mattress could trigger an allergic reaction if you have a sensitivity to one of these irritants. If you sneeze often when you wake up in the morning, it might be time to think about changing your mattress. All intelliBED mattresses are hypoallergenic which is something to consider if you’re shopping for new mattresses.

Your Body Hurts When You Get Up

You might not be getting enough support from your mattress if you wake up with pain in your neck, shoulders or back. Mattresses may be the most used piece of furniture in most homes and do wear out over time, leaving your body unsupported during sleep. If you wake up with aches and pains, it is a clear sign that your sleeping surface isn’t ideal.

Sleeping Restlessly

It might be time to change your mattress if you wake up often at night to change positions or if you can’t fall asleep. Stress and poor health also keep people up at night, but tossing and turning generally stems from old mattresses not providing the right level of comfort and support. Your mattress might also be the culprit if you sleep all night and wake up tired.

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