Bamboo Sheets from intelliBED Orem

Bamboo Rich Sheets give a special combination of comfort and temperature control. The bamboo sheets from intelliBED are woven with 30% cotton and 70% viscose from bamboo. These quality sheets combine the strength of cotton with the performance of bamboo.

With Bamboo Rich Sheets, you get the luxury of nonabsorbent textile mixed with natural anti-microbial attributes for optimal rest. Organic bamboo bedding has become progressively common over the past few years, partially based on its ecological buildup, and also because it is extremely comfortable.

Pros of Bamboo Rich Bed Sheets

Relaxation: If you’re shopping for new sheets, your main requirement is comfort. Organic bamboo bedding is considerably more comfortable than other blends of sheets. Bamboo is soft, even softer than cotton, and extremely breathable. intelliBED bamboo rich sheets don’t trap surplus heat between the sheets with you, so you’ll stay cool and contented no matter what the weather’s like.

Health: Bamboo sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and sterile. Bamboo bed sheets will also minimize allergies because they decrease the amount of moisture in your bed. This discourages dust mites, a primary trigger of allergies, from growing in your sheets.

Strength: Bamboo Rich Sheets are created when high-quality bamboo is stretched across the whole extent of the sheet. Since these long fibers are stretched, rather than short fibers being interwoven together, it is less likely for sheets to tear and form bobbles than other fabrics. Our bamboo rich sheets are nonabsorbent, which means they won’t soak up oils from your skin and start to look yellow or gray with use.

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