You should not lose sleep trying to find your ideal mattress system. It’s time to stop searching. Visit the intelliBED store in Orem, Utah today. No matter which type of sleeper you are, intelliBED will provide you the support and comfort you need to help you get to sleep and remain asleep all night.

For almost two decades, people all over the world have entrusted their night’s sleep to intelliBED. You can expect better pressure point relief, allergy-free sleep and excellent posture at the point you start resting on an intelliBED. Each intelliBED sleep system available is made in the US and delivered to people country-wide.

Why Buy an intelliBED?

Test out all of our mattress systems in person at our Orem store. We sell a mattress for every budget and sleeping style. At the more budget conscious end of the spectrum is our Numea Azure bed, that provides great support for your back. The Azure is an ideal mattress for those who like medium firmness and don’t have terrible back pain. Next up is our Indigo mattress, which has two layers of our patented Gel Matrix and body zoned posturized coils. At the top of the line is intelliBED Sapphire. The Sapphire mattress offers vertebrate alignment while subduing the effects of your partner’s sleep.

An intelliBED sleep system always comes standard with a 30-year warranty and is guaranteed to be soft and firm. intelliBED’s patented Gel Matrix® is a game changing material made from copolymer gel utilized in hospitals, insoles and more. Unlike a single sheet of foam which sits flat, the Gel Matrix® evenly distributes pressure to give support to the heaviest areas of your body.

Visit intelliBED to try one of our luxury mattresses.

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intelliBED invested more money and time in research and development than just about any other mattress company in existence. Look at all of our mattresses yourself at our Orem store. Along with beds, we provide bed bases, sheets and pillows and additional products.

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