Which Mattress is Ideal For Me?

It can seem like there’s more options in Orem than there ever was when it comes to getting a new mattress. When you are picking through all the manufacturers there are it is sometimes difficult to determine what the best mattress is for your money. It may be tempting to get an economy mattress, but your money will stretch further if you choose one that takes care of each of your necessities and will not have to be exchanged sooner than you want. intelliBED provides warrantied, non-toxic mattresses across every price point that can help fight a wide scope of sleep disorders.

Why Are Non-Off-Gassing Mattresses Important

Lots of mattresses, especially those built with memory foam, contain hazardous chemicals that are let off from the mattress through time during a process that’s called off-gassing. Mattress manufacturers are obligated build mattresses that are flame retardant which frequently requires using substances which can be harmful. Each intelliBED mattress is made with a layer of Gel Matrix, which is non-toxic and non-off-gassing but still flame retardant. You can rely on your intelliBED mattresses to be safe for your family from day one.

Why Choose a Therapeutic Mattress?

Since therapeutic mattresses were first created for use in hospitals, they lend themselves well to anyone who those who need healing, restorative sleep. Therapeutic mattresses relieve compression more efficiently than any other mattress out there, and intelliBED mattresses combine pressure alleviation with exceptional support through means that no other mattress can. With an intelliBED, you don’t have to choose between comfort and support like you do with traditional mattresses. Therapeutic mattresses stop restless nice and help people attain a more restful night’s sleep.

Fights Shoulder Pain and Sleep Disorders

40 million people across the nation are troubled by sleep disorders. One thing lots of consumers aren’t aware of is that the right mattress can help fight your sleep disorder. Issues can be made exponentially worse when you sleep on a bed that does not support your spine or allow you to sleep totally through the night. By uniformly distributing your body’s weight over the mattress, our proprietary product, the Gel Matrix layer allows for spinal decompression and pain relief. When it comes to pressure and pain relief, intelliBED mattresses work better than 80% of competitor mattresses for sale.

Warrantied and Long-Lasting

intelliBED mattresses are made to bear the test of time. Rather than buying a low end mattress that will need to be changed within a few years and does not give you the support or comfort of an intelliBED, contemplate choosing the intelliBED Sleep System. A variety of mattress options and financing are accessible to make an intelliBED mattress a reasonable option for people who have all kinds of mattress budgets. An intelliBED mattress also comes with a 30-year warranty that cannot be beat. Purchasing an intelliBED in Orem, UT can save you money over the duration of its existence and offer your body with alignment and comfort that doesn’t have a price. If you’re looking for the perfect mattress for your money, consider buying an intelliBED.

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